NICP Vision

National ICT Confederation of the Philippine (NICP) shall be the recognized, premier, and unifying advocate for countryside ICT industry development.


The Philippines shall be a leading global ICT industry player.

NICP Mission
To promote foreign and local investments and balanced development
To share information and best practices
To transform the Philippines into a customer-oriented and competitive provider for global services

NICP Objectives

To generate new ICT business

To increase awareness of the ICT industry

To ensure sustainability and resource generation

To be an effective implementing partner of the Philippine Digital Strategy (PDS)

To have more venues for information sharing

To increase collaboration and private- public partnership

NICP Working Groups

HR Development Group (HRD)

Public-Private Linkages Group (PPL)

Advocacy and Image Management Group - Internal and External (AIM I/E)

Business Environment and Risk Management Group (BERM)

Ways and Means Group (WAM)

NICP Current Strategic Thrusts

To be reliable partner, champion and information-source in ICT countryside development, responsive to the needs of its stakeholders.

To be an effective, strong, representation – “voice” of the unified, collective stand of ICT councils throughout the country
To  promote Active and robust growth of ICT councils
To contribute significantly to inclusive countryside development through ICT.   Where NICP contributes to the realization of the countryside’s ICT industry potential and maximizes the use of ICT for balance national development
To Increase international visibility of NICP for ICT development.

Founding NICP Members (Iligan 10)