Digital Governance Awards



The project aims to:

  1. To highlight and encourage the effective and efficient delivery of services and performance of the duties and responsibilities by local government units (LGUs) through the utilization of information and communications technology (ICT)
  1. To share and replicate innovative practices, and commend, collate and document LGUs in integrating ICT in their processes to serve as example and benchmarks to other LGUs.
  1. To improve the business development, social services and the general ecosystem of the LGUs and motivate the private and business sectors to actively participate and/or invest in the growth of the LGUs.
  1. To promote citizen’s responsibility and participation as well as accountability, efficiency and transparency in governance responsibility and encourage innovation.



The Best in eGOV Customer Empowerment (G2C) Award

This category recognizes the measurable effect of an LGU’s outstanding practices  using ICT  solutions in the education and engagement of the public and in the use of electronic facilities and channels towards providing improved, timely and relevant delivery of public services.


The Best in eGOV Business Empowerment (G2B) Award

This category awards the significant effect of an LGU’s laudable practices in integrating ICT  solutions and the commitment of its  administration in the LGU’s responsiveness to the needs of business enterprises, thereby creating business  opportunities.


The Best in eGOV Government Inter-Operability (G2G) Award

This category awards the valuable impact of an LGU’s initiative to connect data and systems with other government offices, both national and local for the convenience of their constituents and to improve its public service delivery.


The Best in eGOV Digital Finance (G2P) Award

This category commends the initiative of an LGU to promote e-commerce or e-payment facilities and systems to ensure effective revenue generation and collection and improving the over-all financial management of the LGU as well as giving convenience to the public.


The Best in eGOV  Data-Driven Governance Award (D2G) Award

This category cites the efforts of an LGU in recognizing that good governance through ICT goes hand in hand with the fair and responsible processing of data. Effective e-governance provides constituents with convenience and better services through the free flow of information while ensuring at the same time that personal data is protected.


The Best in eGOV Systems for Global Competitiveness (G2W)

This category cites the efforts of an LGU in developing world class systems in using ICT that are at par with international or internationally – recognized standards, thus making the LGU globally competitive, recognized, and virtually accessible and interactive.


The Digital Governance Awards is the first and most prestigious recognition to be given by the ICT sector to LGUs with exemplary performance in empowering its Public Customers and Businesses.



Digital Governance Awards Mechanics

DILG Memo Circular No. 2019-132

DGA Nomination Form 2019


6th eGov Awards Winners (2017)

2017 Cagayan de Oro City


2016 Tacloban City
2015 Legazpi City
2014 SM Lanang, Davao City
2013 DILG, Quezon City
2012 Sta. Rosa City, Laguna